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florence, italy

i love this city and these people. can’t wait to go back!

mike - Very pretty, that shot of the dome is awesome!

Jade Sheldon - I just adore Florence. I took a trip there 7 years ago and got to go again this summer for work. It was even better than I remembered. I can’t wait to be able to take my husband there someday: I know he would just fall in love with it too.

juliet - beautiful!love that first shot. i love that city as well. By the way, i just happened to be listening to disney music while looking at this post and it made everything 10x more magical! i highly suggest it. :)

rylee hitchner - haha! love that suggestion. will have to try it!

Mara - So beautiful, Rylee! How did you get the angle on the Duomo?! I’m so grateful and lucky to be here and have loved exploring. Come back + visit!

our youth - Beautiful :)

gaby j - that first photo is amazing!

rylee hitchner - Mara, I went up the giotto tower that is right next to it!!

so excited you guys are living there! enjoy every minute of it!

the beautiful italian coast…

Teresa - If my wanderlust wasn’t already kicking in, it definitely is now. Just gorgeous!

Sarah - wow. breathtaking and amazingly beautiful.

this makes me want to travel there for my honeymoon!! you are absolutely incredible.

you killed it again, rylee!

Posy Quarterman - To quote Tina Fey, who I believe was quoting her toddler: I want to go there!


nicole - you shot italy *PERFECTLY*. absolutely stunning.
you consistently create amazing art. thank you.

rylee hitchner - posy- i love this. made my day! xoxoxo

Meghan - you are the most talented photographer. i hope we can work together some day!!!

Emily - wow, rylee! amazing!
cant get enough of your work 😉

cassidy - wow…… italy is so beautiful and your photographs are amazing…..

Chelsea - SERIOUSLY? Every post is better than the last! Absolutely beautiful, Rylee. One day, I will need to travel to Italy!

Jennifer - Italy is the best, isn’t it?

rylee hitchner - Jennifer- It is my favorite!!

heidi - so lovely…and the colors are just so yummy

Maylin - Beautiful as always! Lucky girl for getting to go there. :-)

James Christianson - love the tones in all of these. makes me want to travel again!

julie harmsen - one of my favorite places. love how you saw it.

Hope - My husband and I are from Canada and hope to go to Italy next year. These photos just gave me butterflies the whole time I looked through them! Amazing photos Rylee :) ! Where abouts is this in Italy??