wool booties in wax…

heidi - I adore your encaustic work….are you doing it yourself or sending it out?

rylee hitchner - i do them all myself.
i love spending time working on them 😉


heidi - so amazing….I’ve looked for resources for this in the northeast….but have not come across a workshop as of yet….

tobiah - I have seen this in the past and never really known what it was until I came across your images. what kind of paper are you using for this? And is it on a printer or darkroom work? really nice.

rylee hitchner - these are printed on photo paper, mounted on wood….processed at RPL & printed myself.

rylee hitchner - no need! it just takes practice….
although, i know it would be fun to work with other artists!

Lauren Kinsey - I won’t tell you how beautiful this is, because you already know that it is. <3 <3 <3

caroline - this is so special!

ballerina in black and white.

Neal carpenter - The first one is incredible

Teresa - These are so delicate and beautiful. Love the softness and grain. Gorgeous work.

Lauren Kinsey - Oh my word. These are incredible.

dana - these are beautiful rylee!!! xo,dana

rylee hitchner - thank you, all!

Rebecca Siewert - These are soo wonderful! You are SOOOO talented!

heather hester - perfect;)

rylee hitchner - thank you thank you! im glad you like them!

rylee hitchner - neal, the first image is also my favorite…

rylee hitchner - i love the grain too! thank you…

love from england…

Sara Hasstedt - Rylee-I see your unique eye through every one of your posts and images. Absolutely adore these photographs, they are so lovely and have such a sweet simplicity to them. :)

Lauren Kinsey - So soft and lovely. Beautiful, beautiful work, friend.

Clary - Gorgeous set of photos!! Love those last two.

Stacey - So totally pinned on Pinterest :-) I love the simplicity and tenderness of this session.

rylee hitchner - no shame in pinning! 😉

& thank you…. those words are a beautiful representation of what i wanted it to feel.

rylee hitchner - SUCH a compliment! thank you 😉

early morning…

Shokoofeh - So beautiful!

caroline - Beautiful Rylee! I love these photos-especially the stump! Julip was saying “orseee” ha

heather hester - gah, fog is always the best! i hope we get some beautiful fog in europe!!!!!!

Ryan - The top image is just awesome. I love it, nice work!

rylee hitchner - thank you so much!!