i’ll go anywhere with you…

meghan - such a feminine and beautiful black and white.

Juliann - I love that you are doing film and with a style unlike any other film photographer out there. You have your own unique voice and it’s really beautiful!

rylee hitchner - wow, thank you so much juliann!

love of wax

i loved this portrait of joanna, so i created this encaustic to go along with my collection…

i love the way that wax makes my photographs look….


sara - this is incredible!

Ryan - Really dig this photo, very very cool. Saw one of your photos on Pinterest and googled your name that was credited. I like your work alot :)

hello charleston…

i made this little movie for meagan and tim on the wedding day in charleston, south carolina…

meagan looked gorgeous and tim was smitten… every tiny detail was perfect.


photography: jose villa

styling: joy thigpen and once wed

invitations: meagan tidwell

dress: claire pettibone

flowers: joy thigpen


UPDATE: i do not offer videography along side my photography package. if you are interested in videography for an event other than weddings, please inquire for more details.

heather - i’m loving this rylee! she has the most adorable smile;) you did so great!

Jemma Keech - Rylee this is so sweet! So special to see a glimpse of Meagan’s day!

when you swept me away…

tim and meagan are two of the most incredible people in the world, and i am so blessed to have worked with them & become friends…

meagan is so sweetly talented and calligraphed my logo & other paper things for me. i am excited to share more of her work this year…

you will love it.

holly - rylee…. WOW. these are gorgeous!

sarah - wow! it looks like you are in the middle of no where!!! and those rocks are awesome!

beautiful work!

Megan - Love these Rylee!! So soft and beautiful, love the emotion and rawness you captured. Lovely.

cassidy - rylee, i’m obsessed with these!

rachel - i LOVE all of this!!!

jessica lorren - I adore this session. Every frame. Beautiful

Lucy - Great work! :)

rylee hitchner - thank you! im glad you enjoyed it…

susan - you are so talented, and your work is amazing.

Jessica - sooo utterly gorgeous!! wow wow wow!!

Laura - Rylee! I love love love your photos. There is something different about them, not just that you shoot film, but they have so much emotion, life and feel carefree. I love that! :) xoxo