we’re engaged

photo by Tec Petaja 

thank you to everyone around the internet world who has sent us congratulations and love! we so appreciate all of you.

i just can’t believe it! it is so crazy to me that over 5 years ago- a week after meeting andrew- i told my best friend so confidently that i would marry him and now we’ll be getting married march 23rd of next year! i’ll be honest, im a pretty big cry baby. ive cried so many tears of joy & thankfulness over this… i just cannot believe i get to spend my life with this guy. i am so, so honored i get to be his wife.

do you believe in love at first sight? i’m going to share a secret, and tell you i kinda do!

andrew has told me that a year before we met he saw me in a crowd and was immediately attracted to me & saught out a way to meet me. a year later, we finally were in the same place on the planet again, and i had a similar experience. i caught sight of  him and as i drove away i just remember being so drawn to him… looking out the window thinking ‘who IS that!’  finally, we met. i made a comment about the shirt he was wearing and that was that. i just remember feeling that he had such a gentle spirit. so kind. now i just can’t believe i get to keep him forever.

he proposed last saturday night, after a super suspicious day! i know andrew and i knew he had something on his mind! we were together 12 hours before he finally asked me and i can imagine how painfully nervous he felt as each hour crept by so slowly.  we went out to dinner then went to my parents backyard to lay in the hammock. andrew was determined all day that we would spend the afternoon outside… which is not exactly like him! we went out & a few minutes later little winnie (one of my three dachshunds) came sprinting out. she failed her first performance & ran straight back inside without doing what she was told. woops! so andrew left to go inside & told me to stay put.  ‘ok, i’ll close my eyes’ i figured i knew what was coming, and thanked God for this moment. i wanted to soak it in. andrew came back out with winnie jumping up and down by his side. he called me to him and i froze. i saw the beautiful silk ribbon wrapped around her neck & a rose gold, diamond ring loosely tied to it. winnie, being the queen of all dog tricks promptly stood up on two legs and sat on her back legs to show me what was around her neck. my eyes were fully flooded with tears but i could see andrew bent down by winnie, looking up at me smiling. he picked winnie up and so sweetly asked ‘what’s around her neck, rylee?’ i bashfully laughed with tears running down my face.  he loosened the knot , put winnie down, and got on one knee. he had no idea what to say- i know this because he told me, mid-proposal! i was crying, we were both laughing from disbelief and he said the kindest words and placed the ring on my finger. we could not believe it. the tightest hugs, the biggest laughs, and the practicing of the word ‘fiance’ followed the rest of the night.

and now i sit with the prettiest, most delicate little ring on my finger. with a diamond that is almost 100 years old, from andrews great grandmother. and the band custom designed in rose gold just for me.

what a gift.

and my sweet andrew. my new fiance. i cannot explain how thankful i am for him. i am so grateful we have each other.


over the next 7 months, if you’d like to keep up with us, our thoughts, and our plans you can find me on twitter (RyleeHitcher), facebook, and instagram (ryleehitcher). i’m sure there will be plenty of fun times shared.

thank you for allowing me to share this time with you. xoxo!

-future mrs. rylee scarbrough

Jade Sheldon - I LOVED reading your love story! So beautiful. Super huge congratulations. My husband (we were married nearly 3 months ago and I still can’t believe how blessed I am!) loves to tell the story about when he first saw me he told his friends and family that I was going to be his wife. It wasn’t until a year later that we actually met face to face. It’s been 5 years and we have been inseparable. I don’t know either of you, but I can tell that you two are meant to be.

allison rhee - what a sweet, sweet story rylee! i wish you + andrew many, many years of love + joy!

heather hester - i love this story rylee.. i’m so happy for you and andrew! yay! can’t wait for your special day;)

adam barnes - rylee… many beautiful congratulations to you both!!

Britty - Thank you for sharing your sweet story with all of us. Congratulations to you and Andrew!

mr & mrs vacarella


styling by ginny au // flowers by rosegolden // invitations & calligraphy by holly hollon

Julianna - What a great eye you have…. These are wonderful!

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katie - pretty pretty!

rachel - LOOOVVVVVEEE!!!!!!!!!

Anna Coffman - Rylee, beautiful as always!!

Odalys Mendez - These are beautiful Rylee, I love how you favor photos that are not tack sharp. It makes for a very soft look.

Brennan - Fantastic work as always.

Elizabeth | Bridal Musings - Such captivating images.