neither snow…

i fell in love with these beautiful notebooks as soon as i laid my eyes on them… they’re stunning and clever…  i just loved them.

mara from neither snow created these notebooks for the joy thigpen workshop in late february. each notebook was paired with a little worker-bee, stylist apron & they were the perfect pair.


mara’s work is always beyond beautiful & i love seeing her work in person.

please take a look at her blog to see more of her incredible calligraphy & also see this post to hear her thoughts on this creative process.



Mara | Neither Snow - Thanks so much, Rylee! Your photographs are just stunning + it was so much fun to collaborate on this.

emily & judah…

meet judah. the sweet, gentle, huge dog of emily and brett…

this is such a sweet dog & i’m excited to see the relationship between him and the new little one…i know they are going to be buds.


hair and makeup by joanna ballentine.

Emily - Rylee, I love them. What a gift! Thank you again for capturing this sweet moment in our lives.

heidi - so sweet….love.

Allison Rhee - Rylee – I can’t get over how beautiful these shots are! It was so lovely meeting you this weekend!

Chelsea Patricia - Oh my goodness–LOVE this relationship! :) I feel the same way about my husky girl!

joey - That first shot is adorable!!!!!!! Love this series!!!

Sarah Gawler - I love these three images – I’m your new no.1 fan ;)

a beautiful mother…

i met emily not too long ago and have since then really enjoyed getting to know her and her little belly…. she is such a beautiful person inside, and that beauty shines outwardly so clearly.

some of you might know her from her beautiful blog Once Wed.

i am always so impressed to see behind the scenes of the blog. emily & joy are just amazing & work so hard…going above and beyond anything expected of them.


emily is going to make such a wonderful mother… and i am so excited to see if she will be the mother of a little boy or a little girl…

my guess is a boy.  we’ll see in just a few days!


beautiful hair and makeup by joanna ballentine

heather - im freaking out rylee! I love how they turned out! ahhh so gorgeous!!;)

chelsea / oh my deer - ahhhh! so beautiful! great job, rylee!

Paige Smith - Ah, SOOO beautiful!! Love these, Rylee!

Rebecca Siewert - OH MY GOODNESS RYLEE!!!!!!!!!!! THESE ARE AMAZING!! I hope I can fly you up here in September! I want pictures of my belly! and the baby! Bah!

Stacey - Just stunning. So simple and beautiful. Thanks for sharing, and congrats Emily!

kati - just stumbled here from pinterest. beautiful work! love it.

Laura Elmer - Rylee!! Love seeing these after we talked about them. Such a good turn out!! Hope we see you sometime soon!

lacie hansen - amazing photos ! Emily looks so beautiful ;)

Chelsea Patricia - Okay. It is completely unfair for anyone to look this gorgeous while pregnant. I’m just sayin.

Beautiful work, Rylee!

Jeannette - These pictures of Emily has to be my all time favorite maternity shoot ever! Amazing work!

Joanne Spencer Photography - Stunning work Rylee, simple but incredibly beautiful.

Tiffany - Your work is simply gorgeous. I admire your creativity and oh-so- obvious passion for your art. Thank you for sharing it with the world.

Rachelle - I am so in love with these photos! Where did you get that dress?? I would love to get it for my maternity shoot!